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Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati

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Conductive Education FAQs

How does Conductive Education work? What is the Goal of Conductive Education? What makes Conductive Education different? What specialized training do the conductors have? Are they therapists? What type of disability does this program best help?

Dayton’s Story

At two years old, Dayton didn’t move He didn’t even splash in the water. I saw a segment on 60 Minutes about something called Conductive Education. I looked online and found the nearest Conductive Education school was located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We applied and Dayton was accepted to the school.

Making Miracles

Ever Want to See a Miracle?
A real one? Come with me. We’ll go to the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati [clcgc.org].

It might not look like a place miracles occur, but what place does? It’s an older brick building with converted apartments on top, located at 325 W. St, in Covington, Kentucky. Get out. Look around. Miracles are made here every day. Real miracles. Verifiable ones. Ones that intimately touch lives and make meaning for anyone blessed enough to witness the work done here. The students attending are children and adults from 1-38 years old. Most are between 2-16 years of age.

Physical Rehabilitation Through Learning – Conductive Education

Conductive Education is often described as rehabilitation through learning since it combines the significant principles of OT, PT, SLP, and Special education. It is an intensive, multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to education, training, and development. The rehabilitative plan is not symptoms or lesion centered, but focusing on the person and personality. Conductive Education integrates medical knowledge with educational methods to enable the individuals to learn how to gain control over his or her movements, how to be more successful in his or her social and interpersonal interactions as well improving his or her cognition.

What is Conductive Education?

The Foundation for Increased Independence Conductive Education is a system of learning that improves motor skills for those with motor disorders resulting from damage or disease to the central nervous system. It is not a cure. It is not a major medical breakthrough....

A Hero Among Us

Donna Speigel Wins Tri-State Community Hero Award Donna Speigel, Founder of the Snooty Fox Retail Stores and the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati, was featured as a Tri-State Community Hero Award by WCPO.com and Cincy Lifestyle Magazine for her work...

Ellie – Workouts are Exhausting, but Wonderful

At 18 months old, Ellie was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia). Her parents have been very proactive in doing everything they can for her. They have flown all over the country visiting doctors and specialists and recently moved to Cincinnati to be closer...

Amanda – Stand, Kneel, Walk

“I want to walk”, said Amanda Grieshop from the very beginning. And she did, not by herself or with a baby walker, but holding onto her parents' fingers, and later, walking with a walker with assistance. Amanda was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 3....

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