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To Morgan Lee and her family, the difference between conductive education and some other programs is the difference between a bright future full of independence and just accepting the status quo, between ability and disability; the difference between celebrating her amazing progress and living in a state of confusion and hopelessness.

Our daughter, Morgan Lee (5 years old), was accepted into the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati and began her first session in September 2006. We cried so many tears when we saw all the daily life activities they were teaching our daughter and more importantly – she was embracing them. It was a tough transition for Morgan as the program’s expectations are very high. The “Conductors”, who led the sessions, believed in their hearts that Morgan was capable of so much more than anyone has ever given her credit for. Thus, they stretched Morgan beyond typical goals and taught her to believe that she can accomplish anything.

The motivation that enveloped her entire being was incredible. You could tell she knew she was a part of something special because she finally fit in. She was no longer an outsider looking at what other kids could do – she was accomplishing goals with other kids who also have special needs. The bond formed with these children is everlasting! Her progress during the first session far exceeded any accomplishments that she has made in traditional therapy programs in the past three years.

She has made remarkable progress and is now sitting, unsupported, on her own for 4-5 minutes at a time. She is rolling over more and doing a little bit of a commando crawl. She is standing and hanging on and is walking more with the help of a ladder back chair and a walker. She can sit at the table and hold on and play and is getting good at pulling herself back up into an upright position.

Morgan LeeWe can honestly say that without Donna Dennis Speigel’s gift to this community (opening the Conductive Learning Center) that our daughter would have been left further behind in our attempts to help her progress. We owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid! It’s impossible to truly thank someone who has given our family real hope and promise for Morgan’s future.

There isn’t any other program out there that has come even close to making such a dramatic change in our daughter’s physical abilities.

Lives will continue to be impacted by the opening of this center. Our life was not the only one impacted. We are a small piece of a very large puzzle that will be completed by all the children’s lives that this center has and will continue to improve. You have to see a session first hand and feel the warmth that exudes from the classroom. What you experience in a short visit will forever change the way you think of a child with special needs.

Recently, a garden and pond oasis was created to provide a very nurturing outdoor environment for the children to learn. They literally transformed part of our parking lot into an exciting place to explore. Morgan is now even more motivated to walk because she can enjoy the beautiful plants and flowers on her stroll. Her favorite thing to do is to walk over the bridge and stop to feed the fish and to throw a few rocks in the pond! She also loves to swing so having the swing is a wonderful touch. Their efforts to beautify the backyard at the center, has helped to motivate our daughter to walk longer because she can’t wait to see what lies on the path ahead of her. We’ll always appreciate the garden paradise that helped Morgan accomplish so many goals during the summer program of 2007.

The Speigel’s have made the Conductive Learning Center feel like our second home – lasting friendships have been formed and parents share their knowledge with one another. We couldn’t ask for a more nurturing and caring environment in which our daughter takes risks and succeeds. We need people in her life who care about helping her grow. It means a great deal when so much compassion and concern goes into the benefit of her future independence. Morgan’s motivation level continues to soar after the conclusion of each session. She looks forward to what she is going to learn next because she knows the adventures will continue as long as she is a part of the Conductive Learning Center’s family that has been created with such a loving touch!


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