Ever Want to See a Miracle?

A real one? Come with me. We’ll go to the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati [clcgc.org].

It might not look like a place miracles occur, but what place does? It’s an older brick building with converted apartments on top, located in the Greater Cincinnati area. Get out. Look around. Miracles are made here every day. Real miracles. Verifiable ones. Ones that intimately touch lives and make meaning for anyone blessed enough to witness the work done here. The students attending are children and adults from 1-38 years old. Most are between 2-16 years of age.

And these are the things miracles are made of.


But First… What is Conductive Learning?

Well, there’s the official definition;

“Conductive education is an intensive, multi-disciplinary approach to education, training, and development for individuals with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, strokes, and other motor challenges.”

Then There’s My Definition:

It’s a combination of intense physical therapy, repeated physical movements of damaged bodies and body parts aimed at connecting those movements to a useful life function, such as dressing, tying your shoes, cleaning yourself and many other everyday living issues those with neurological-based motor impairments struggle with daily. By repeating these physical moments often and long-term, the idea is that the science of neuroplasticity will kick in and open up new neural pathways to enable the brain to rewire itself -and the body to function. It uses a collection of exercises repeated rigorously and rhythmically. Little exercises that can produce big results over time regarding changing their brains – and changing the ways their bodies respond.

Miracles are Hard Work

But the real key is that the intense physical therapy is delivered with healing hands, loving care and hope. Provided by people that have to physically pick up these wounded bodies and work their body parts for them, ceaselessly — days, months and even years on end. It would be demanding physical work for any person.

But each day at the Conductive Learning Center is an exercise in hope.

And each day a miracle is created and delivered.

What Kind of Miracles?

The best kind. Some of these kids can not hold their heads up. Some cannot walk. Some cannot talk. Cannot move their bodies willfully in any way.

But, at the Conductive Learning Center, I have seen miracles. I saw a little 5-year-old boy roll over. Not much of a miracle you say? He was never supposed to be able to do it. He was locked in a frozen state. And then there’s the little 8-year old girl that was initially diagnosed to be paralyzed from the neck down before birth; then it was updated to below the waist after birth. The parents of this little girl, when they realized the severity of their daughter’s condition, researched how best to help her – outside traditional channels. They eventually landed on Conductive Education as a therapy and rehabilitation method.

Miracles Aren’t Covered by Insurance

But, Conductive Education schools are rare. There are only 35 schools in the United States and… each one was started by parents to help their children. Why? Think about it. Miracles aren’t typically covered by insurance. The closest Conductive Education school the parents initially found was a school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Quite a trek from Cincinnati. But much to their synchronistic amazement, they soon learned about the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati.

And that made all the difference in the world.

The little girl is blessed to live in Cincinnati. Here they have the world-renowned Cincinnati Children’s Hospital which has performed over 20 brain and spine surgeries on her. But the parents needed more for their little girl if she was ever truly able to have a shot at walking. She needed more intensive physical therapy and manipulation that just wasn’t practical in any school setting. The typical school allows for 30-90 minutes of therapy a month. Insurance companies usually cover 1-hour per week for treatment. Not enough. That’s not nearly enough to make any progress. The Conductive Learning Center works with the students 5.5 hours per day. So, the parents enrolled her when she was 2-years old.

The Miracle of Lourdes at 9 AM

If you happen to be near the school around 9 am, some days you will see the 8-year-old girl I’ve talked about walking up the wheelchair ramp into the school. If you do, you just witnessed a miracle.  A little child who may have never walked, who may have been paralyzed from the neck down, who spent the last six years being worked on by kind, loving, healing hands for five and a half hours per day… you’ll see her walking. And talking. And smiling. And laughing.

What’s this little girl’s name? Oddly enough Lourdes–. And she is a miracle child.

How do I know this?

Because Lourdes is my child.

And my wife and I will be forever indebted to the wonderful healers at the Conductive Learning Center of Cincinnati. Lourdes is just one example of children and adults lives being changed by this school. Like I said when I started this story if you want to see a miracle…a real one, go to The Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati.


If you know someone that may benefit from Conductive Education (Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Stroke related disability or Acquired Brain Damage, and other neuro-motor issues), please contact Kelli Flannigan at 859-261-2333 or info@clcgc.org. They offer free assessments and free consultations.