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Our daughter Hannah was diagnosed with spina bifida while still in the womb. We chose to have fetal surgery for her when she was 23 weeks gestation and was born without further complication at 36 weeks gestation. She learned to roll, sit up and crawl not far behind her peers, but standing and walking has been a different story.

At three years old, Hannah walked with the help of a walker, but her walking was getting sloppy; it seemed that her progress had halted. Even her physical therapist seemed to be giving up hope, recommending and ordering Hannah higher bracing.

At this point, we began searching for something more than the two hours of physical therapy Hannah was allowed by our insurance company each week. That’s when we discovered conductive education. We were impressed by the intensity of the program, which met several hours each day five days a week, the group dynamic with positive peer modeling and the focus on practicing independence skills such as walking and dressing. It all made so much sense.

During Hannah’s first session at the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati,she made amazing gains. Her stamina and confidence improved. Her desire to try things herself increased. She learned to take her socks and shoes off and on independently and walk with canes instead of a walker. She even attempted her first independent steps. When we got home to Pittsburgh, everyone was happily stunned at the difference. Hannah’s physical therapist advised us to put into storage the higher bracing she had previously ordered for Hannah.

Now, we have made a commitment as a family that as long as Hannah continues to thrive under the guidance of CLCGC’s conductors and assistants, we will make the financial and logistical sacrifice to be in Cincinnati so that she can participate in this program. It really wasn’t a hard decision. Hannah had made such great gains with conductive education that we knew we couldn’t deny her more opportunities at CLCGC.

We are bold enough to hope and pray that Hannah will walk on her own someday and we believe conductive education is giving her that chance.


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