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Connor was a 24-week preemie, with extensive brain bleeds, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, and right hemiplegic cerebral palsy. After little progress with “traditional” therapy, we sought other treatments. I couldn’t imagine that 45 minutes a week of physical therapy was going to do much of anything, let alone teach a neurologically impaired child to walk or accomplish activities of daily living.

After much research, we pursued Conductive Education. Connor began attending conductive education when he was three years old. Unfortunately, affordability and availability forced us to go to Canada. After a five-week session, Connor had achieved more than he had in almost all of the three previous years. We were hooked and stayed another five weeks. He was learning to walk with his walker on his own for the first time and was able to go where he wanted. To a toddler, this was freedom! He also became almost completely potty trained during this time. I had been told this was not possible. In fact, I had been given websites to find “big boy” diapers and told there was financial aid for such things.

Through conductive education, Connor was able to interact with other children and has been treated like everyone else. The expectations are high, but the conductors believe that when treated like typical children, these children can achieve more and they do! It is an all-encompassing approach to therapy where kids are encouraged to do for themselves, instead of sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it for them. Conductive Education opened my eyes as a parent. I began to realize that I was an enabler. I wanted to help my son, but I was really taking away opportunities for him to learn to take care of himself. Ultimately parents of a special needs child want their child to become independent. We need to let them try, even though it is hard to see them struggle – that’s how they learn!

We discovered the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati when we traveled to Michigan for a session. Cincinnati was much closer to where we were living at the time and traveling to Grand Rapids was starting to get to us. Connor started the CLCGC in the spring of 2007 and we haven’t looked back. We moved to the area in the summer of 2007 and haven’t regretted our decision. The center here is all about family and the focus is on the kids, entirely. The Speigel’s started the center for their grandson, but have truly given the area and parents like me a huge gift! It allows us to continue conductive education on a full-time basis, furthering Connor’s progress beyond anything his doctors would have imagined.

Now at five years old, Connor is a high functioning little guy that loves to run with his walker, sing with his friends and do lots of bubbles. He is currently working on getting rid of the walker and learning to use canes. We truly believe that Connor will walk independently, given more time and more conductive education. The repetitive nature of the program is geared towards his personality and educational needs. He gets so much more from the program than just the physical aspects. I love that the program has an academic component, a social aspect, speech, OT/PT, and lots of fun! I am continually amazed at how Connor is engaged the entire five hours, much more than we would get from public school.

To hear Connor’s history and then actually see him is amazing. Connor is proof that persistence pays off. Every day he picks up something new and makes us all laugh with his questions and requests. Currently, Life is a Highway is his favorite song. He is certainly a testament to that!


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