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Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati

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Chloe – Three Words Say it All

Miracle... Amazing... Blessing These three words describe our experience with the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati. Our story begins in San Antonio, Texas with the birth of our twin daughters, Chloe and Katie in October 2008. Life was wonderful, we...

Hannah – the Chance

Our daughter Hannah was diagnosed with spina bifida while still in the womb. We chose to have fetal surgery for her when she was 23 weeks gestation and was born without further complication at 36 weeks gestation. She learned to roll, sit up and crawl not far behind...

Connor – Life is a Highway

Connor was a 24-week preemie, with extensive brain bleeds, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, and right hemiplegic cerebral palsy. After little progress with “traditional” therapy, we sought other treatments. I couldn’t imagine that 45 minutes a week of physical therapy was...

Morgan Lee – the Difference

To Morgan Lee and her family, the difference between conductive education and some other programs is the difference between a bright future full of independence and just accepting the status quo, between ability and disability; the difference between celebrating her...

Jack – Moving Toward Independence

There is no way to make Jack’s story short. However, with its length comes a story of a strong little boy, a determined family, and a wonderful, life-altering school. Thank you for taking the time to read the long, yet still abbreviated, story of our son, Jack.It was...

How is Conductive Education Different?

How is Conductive Education Different Than PT or OT?Conductive Education (CE) is not Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or an exercise program. It’s rehabilitation that combines a medical and learning approach with rigorous, repetitive, and rhythmic exercises and...

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