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  • Welcome to Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati

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Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati

Welcome to the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati

The Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati brings Conductive Education to the Greater Cincinnati/Midwest Region


  • The most significant factor in keeping our tuition costs as low as possible has been our ability to use the Snooty Fox, Inc. as a fundraiser.

    1. We sell Platinum Cards. In return for a $10 donation to the CLCGC, customers save 10% and sometimes 20% on all regularly priced items.

    2. Angel Fox sales. Angel Fox is now a designated section of the Erlanger, Mariemont, Anderson & Hyde Park Plaza stores.   Items in these sections are for sale at $1 - $5.  All proceeds from Angel Fox sales go directly to the tuition fund.

    As customers bring their items to Snooty Fox for consignment, they are sometimes rejected because they don't meet Snooty Fox's high standards. However, the employee's will ask the customer if they would like to donate these items to Angel Fox as a fundraiser for the school. The items are then sold and 100% of the sale price is donated to the school.

    Clothing, home accessories, toys and books come from every Snooty Fox location. We also solicit donations of toys and books on the Snooty Fox website.

    In lieu of asking you to sell a raffle ticket, candy bars, etc.  I would simply request that you ask for donations from family, friends, neighbors and your church groups to be sold at Angel Fox.

    Angel Fox, like snooty Fox, is seasonable.

    Families are asked to gather a minimum of 50 items, seasonally, to sell at Snooty Fox.

    Items we accept are:

    • Clothing: women's, men's, children's, shoes, handbags
    • Home accessories: lamps, artwork, furniture, etc...
    • Toys, books, VHS and DVD's

    Items may be taken to the Snooty Fox nearest you.

    Start collecting, keep saving, and our children will continue to improve in so many ways!

    Thank you for your efforts,

    Most sincerely, 
    Donna Spiegel
    Founder & President