Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati

We Help Children and Adults Lead Better, More Independent Lives

Dayton’s Story

At two years old, Dayton didn’t move. He didn’t even splash in the water. I saw a segment on 60 Minutes about something called Conductive Education. I looked online and found the nearest Conductive Education school was located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We applied and Dayton was accepted to the school.

Moving Toward Independence – Jack’s Story

There is no way to make Jack’s story short. However, with its length comes a story of a strong little boy, a determined family, and a wonderful, life-altering school. Thank you for taking the time to read the long, yet still abbreviated, story of our son, Jack.

Making Miracles

Ever Want to See a Miracle?
A real one? Come with me. We’ll go to the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati [].

It might not look like a place miracles occur, but what place does? It’s an older brick building with converted apartments on top, located at 325 W. St, in Covington, Kentucky. Get out. Look around. Miracles are made here every day. Real miracles. Verifiable ones. Ones that intimately touch lives and make meaning for anyone blessed enough to witness the work done here. The students attending are children and adults from 1-38 years old. Most are between 2-16 years of age.

Sitting in Hungarian – Gus

We are always so glad to hear from parents about their child's experience and progress at the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati. Below is the latest report we received from Christi, Gus' mom. "Gus gets so much out of conductive education. One of the...

Amanda – Stand, Kneel, Walk

“I want to walk”, said Amanda Grieshop from the very beginning. And she did, not by herself or with a baby walker, but holding onto her parents' fingers, and later, walking with a walker with assistance. Amanda was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 3....

Chloe – Three Words Say it All

Miracle... Amazing... Blessing These three words describe our experience with the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati. Our story begins in San Antonio, Texas with the birth of our twin daughters, Chloe and Katie in October 2008. Life was wonderful, we...

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