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Kelli Flanigan

Executvie Director

Judit Tirkalane

Lead Conductor - Teacher

Marcsi Balogh-Bute

Conductor-Preschool Teacher

Blake Cox

Classroom Assistant

Mallory Mahaffey

Classroom Assistant

Christine Morris

Classroom Assistant

“Conductive learning is a place where miracles happen everyday. It was absolutely unbelievable seeing him gain strength in his legs to the point he could stand with his bare feet holding onto a table or chair. Kate – John Paul’s Mom.

“Thanks to Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati, students like Ellie can now lift their heads, bear weight on their feet, stand independently and even walk with assistance.  – Annie, Ellie’s Mom

“It didn’t take long for to see a difference. We were swept off our feet seeing how the children were taught, in a deliberate and well-planned succession, a series of skills which allowed them to progress in ways they had never been able to before!   – Amanda Grieshop

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