The Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati (CLCGC) is the reason that my son with Spina Bifida is walking with assistance. When driving down 19th Street in Covington, Kentucky, you wouldn’t necessarily give the building a second look, much less know that there were miracles happening inside every day.

My son John Paul is now 3-years-old. He was born with his spine exposed as well as right arm issues due to a small brain bleed at birth. In March of 2014, when he was 17 months old, John Paul and I started attending the infant class at CLCGC. I was prayerful that getting extra time with an additional therapy would help him get closer to our goals of right arm dexterity, crawling, weight bearing and walking. One thing I immediately saw and never anticipated was John Paul being able to bear weight barefoot. We had never experienced therapy without John Paul’s shoes and braces on. It was unbelievable seeing him gain strength in his legs to the point he could stand with his bare feet holding onto a table or chair.

From there, learning to step flat-footed was another goal we worked towards. His left foot normally turned so he was stepping on his ankle instead of the bottom of his foot. As he continued with conductive education, he now is able to place both feet flat on the floor. We no longer have to constantly worry about his foot placement and whether he’s causing damage to his left ankle.

His right arm issues, such as stretching and manipulating his hand in ways that it naturally didn’t want to move, was another goal that was reached with conductive education. John Paul primarily held his right arm across his belly and had trouble opening his right hand. Even moving his right arm away from his body was a very difficult task for him. The fine motor development that John Paul has gained has not only enabled him to use both hands, it also has enabled him to crawl, as his right arm was the primary reason he wasn’t crawling when we started conductive education. The dexterity and strength he gained then led him to hold onto a walker while assisted walking. John Paul’s fine motor development has thrived while at CLCGC. The equipment used has enabled my son to gain use of his right arm, which is invaluable to him both in everyday play and with gaining gross motor independence.

One current goal is to continue working on straitening John Paul’s knees. We were denied a stander from our insurance carrier. We were then Blessed to find out that CLCGC had this equipment for us to borrow. The stander has been an amazing source of independence for John Paul, not only because it has given him critical stretching in his legs, but also because it has wheels on it that let him practice using both arms to maneuver his way independently throughout our home. CLCGC was able to meet his needs when our insurance carrier wasn’t. They are continually making strides to help my son reach his goals of walking.

Through all the hard dedication of John Paul and the teaching staff at the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati, my son is proof that conductive education is more than therapy. It’s working miracles day in and day out for the kids that attend classes. 

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Location: 325 W 19th St. Covington KY 41014

Telephone: 859-261-2333


School Hours:  9am – 2:30pm