At two years old, Dayton didn’t move. He didn’t even splash in the water.

I saw a segment on 60 Minutes about something called Conductive Education. I looked online and found the nearest Conductive Education school was located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We applied and Dayton was accepted to the school.

After four weeks in the program, Dayton rolled over. In another 4 weeks, he sat up. Dayton just kept making progress. I knew I couldn’t take Dayton out of the program, and I couldn’t live in a Holiday Inn forever.

In 2006, with the help of the Grand Rapids school, we opened our own school called “The Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati.”

Before long, with our conductive education programs, Dayton Stood up and walked with a walker. He continued to progress and at seven years old, he walked. Now, at 16, he can maneuver in an amusement park or zoo without assistance. He still attends the Conductive Learning Center five days a week and continues to learn something new each week.

What a blessing Conductive Education has been. Before CE we had no hope, now we have a child walking happily and hope for the future.

Donna Speigel


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